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Travel writing for Lonely Planet

Who's the client

Lonely Planet is a renowned publisher of travel-related content, from guidebooks and online articles to magazines and mobile apps.

What the client needed

Lonely Planet needed a local travel writer who could mix local insights with information appealing to someone traveling to Lisbon. Required skills included fluency in English and Portuguese, creative writing, researching, interviewing, and SEO knowledge.

How I worked on this project

  • Researching for topics and clearly explaining their relevancy to editors was at the core of every article and POI (point of interest) I pitched. I applied the same rigor when identifying existing content that was obsolete or inaccurate.
  • Because my voice as a writer was appreciated but shouldn't override the client's editorial guidelines, I had to check my ego at the door and focus on the readers while writing content.
  • Interviewing small business owners, looking at the city from different angles, working remotely with editors and being open to their constructive feedback allowed me to evolve as a writer and showcase the best of Lisbon in the best light.


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