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Writing has always been my favorite way of communicating, but it took me a while (and some detours) to become a professional writer. One central trait guides all my writing, no matter the format or the content: I love telling a story.

In 2004, I completed a BA in Portuguese Studies. From 2005 to 2013, I worked several jobs in customer service, including leading a team of 15 people at a multinational. In 2013 I took a significant leap of faith, quit the 9-to-5, and became a freelance web content writer and a travel writer, with a few books published by Lonely Planet.

In 2021, there was a new shift in my career. I became a published horror author (in Portuguese) and won the EACWP European Flash Fiction contest with a 100-word horror story. So far, I've had short stories included in the anthologies Sangue Novo (2021) and Sangue (2022).

In 2022, I co-founded Fábrica do Terror, a website dedicated to Portuguese horror. I also work there as Editor-in-Chief.

What clients say about my work

Sandra did an excellent job capturing the story behind the BuildUpDevs community. Her work helped convey the essence of what the community stands for and is focused on. Readers and newcomers to the community will now have a better understanding of what they are looking to be a part of.
Brian Clark, Co-Founder BuildUpDevs
Sandra always goes the extra mile to deliver engaging, personable content. Her work is always peppered with beautiful images, insightful interviews, quirky angles and useful information. A pleasure to work with, she always delivers on time and in good humour and is adept at reworking angles and context efficiently and successfully.
Niamh O'Brien, Digital Editor at Lonely Planet
Sandra is an excellent writer who can follow a client's briefing and always sticks to the deadlines. She has been a long-term contributor for the trivago magazine Portugal, where I've supervised her work. Since the beginning, she has understood the client's editing style and was able to match her writing to the requirements in every project, while keeping the content engaging. We worked together on multiple projects and both me, as an editor, and the client has always been happy with the outcome. She's an expert in her field, handles feedback well and is quick to respond. I would highly recommend working with her.
Joana Taborda, Managing Editor at trivago Magazine Portugal
It's been such a pleasure working with Sandra on unique content for Devour Tours. We look to work with talented writers who know their subject matter inside and out, and whose values align with our own. Sandra's passion for sustainable tourism, her knowledge of Lisbon and Portugal, and her love of local culture made her the perfect fit. We hope to continue working with Sandra on future projects.
Lauren Aloise, CEO Devour Tours
Sandra Henriques visited MiratecArts Galeria Costa and the Azores Fringe Festival this past season [2017]. We thoroughly enjoyed her writing about the experiences in Pico Island and it was lovely to see it in various publications like Lonely Planet. Would be a pleasure to welcome her back to future adventures.
Terry Costa, MiratecArts Director
Sandra highlighted the best of Maia with her images and her words and was able to convey exactly what you feel here! It was, without a doubt, two emotion-filled days with a lot to share. Thank you for smiling with us!
Sandra Campos, Maia Turismo Manager

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