• Lonely Planet Pocket Lisbon 6

    Lonely Planet Pocket Lisbon 6

    Lonely Planet’s Pocket Lisbon is your guide to the city’s best experiences and local life - neighbourhood by neighbourhood. Ride the scenic Tram 28E, take in the beauty of the fairy-tale Mosteiro dos Jeronimos, and sample the famous pasteis de nata; all with your trusted travel companion. Uncover the best of Lisbon and make the most of your trip!

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  • Onze Contos de Natal

    Onze Contos de Natal

    Portuguese horror anthology with eleven short stories, Christmas-themed.

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  • Sangue


    Portuguese horror anthology featuring 16 authors, published by Edições Trebaruna. All short stories submitted were written under the theme of blood (sangue).

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  • Sangue Novo

    Sangue Novo

    Portuguese horror anthology featuring 15 new authors, edited and organized by award-winning author Pedro Lucas Martins. Cover art by Ricardo Alfaia.

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  • Global Insides: the second phase

    Global Insides: the second phase

    Nearly fifty countries are represented in Global Insides—the second phase as some of your favorite contributors from the first book in the series join dozens of new writers and artists to invite you into the thoughts, feelings, and moments that make up the human experience during these months of the COVID-19 pandemic/isolation. Learn about the lives of others, and gain insight into your world by relating to the stories they tell with verse, prose, and images.

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  • Global Insides: the beginning

    Global Insides: the beginning

    With over a hundred entries representing more than forty countries bringing you experiences and emotions from around the world, this collection will comfort those who have faced the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation of 2020 and will inform those who have not. The authors of this collection have shared what is inside of them in verse and prose and images to help heal through insight and understanding, through lyricism and art, and through empathy and connection. There is illness, isolation, economic hardship, and social upheaval, but there is also beauty, kindness, and joy. Striving to understand the tribulations of others in these pages, you might find someone who understands yours.

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  • Experience Portugal

    Experience Portugal

    Lonely Planet’s Experience Portugal is your guide to unforgettable experiences and local surprises. Listen to authentic fado in Lisbon, explore the colourful palaces of Sintra, feast on the freshest seafood in the Algarve - all guided by local experts with fresh perspectives. Uncover Portugal’s best experiences and get away from the everyday!

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  • Secret City

    Secret City

    This book is your essential guide to getting to know the most interesting, rewarding and hip areas to stay in 50 cities around the world. Dive deep into an exciting new destination and discover the best little-known sights and things to do, plus the coolest places to eat, drink and shop to create unforgettable trips.

    For each of the 50 cities profiled in Secret City, we've swung the spotlight onto neighbourhoods where you can feel the rhythms of local life. There are out-of-the-ordinary recommendations for eating, drinking, partying and where to delve into local culture. All of them are hand-picked by experts who know these cities inside out, and they're accompanied by maps to orient you in these exciting districts.

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  • Travel Writing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start The Best Job In The World

    Travel Writing 101: Everything You Need To Know To Start The Best Job In The World

    The latest in the Travel Write Earn series spells out everything you need to know to start a career as a working travel writer from scratch. 30 different writers and editors describe the various aspects of travel writing as a livelihood using real examples from their own experiences and careers.

    This book provides answers to the most common - and important - questions new travel writers have. It covers in specific detail, and in many cases using step-by-step examples, the processes wannabe travel writers should go through to maximise their chances of success.

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  • Lonely Planet Portugal 13

    Lonely Planet Portugal 13

    Lonely Planet's Portugal is our most comprehensive guide that extensively covers all the country has to offer, with recommendations for both popular and lesser-known experiences. Spend an evening in one of Lisbon's many fado houses, discover stunning architecture in Porto and soak up the sun in the Algarve; all with your trusted travel companion.

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