Translation of Guardians of Alentejo website

Who's the client

Guardians of Alentejo is a travel website where travelers can book hotels, restaurants, and tours in Portugal's Alentejo region. It promotes and supports local businesses.

What the client needed

The client needed to launch the English version of the website in tandem with the original Portuguese version. I translated UI and UX components, legal pages, and articles from Portuguese into English.

How I worked on this project

  • I translated the content by rewriting the original Portuguese in English, instead of using an automated translation tool and editing the final copy.
  • I used Hemingway and Grammarly to make sure the translated content would be easily understood even by someone who didn't speak fluent English.
  • Having access to the finalized website and writing the new content directly was crucial to perceive any visible differences in design between both versions.
  • The team worked remotely, and we used Trello to manage our tasks and communicate.


Guardians of Alentejo - original version (Portuguese)

Guardians of Alentejo - translated version (English)

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