"About us" page for BuildUpDevs

Who's the client

BuildUpDevs is a community about encouraging genuine human interaction and helping developers of all levels of skills and experience, online and offline.

What the client needed

The client needed a "about us" page for their new website (launch date TBC).

How I worked on this project

  • I already knew the who and the what, so I interviewed the founders to gouge the how, when, and why behind their project.
  • I observed how the developers' community interacted with them on several channels.
  • Finally, I pinned down what values were most cherished: community, support, learning, and personal growth.

The final copy

Giving back to the community and supporting them are important to both founders, so I focused on each person's individual paths and how they came together and built BuildUpDevs around those shared values.

I wrote the about us page as a profile article, almost as an origin story. More than telling website visitors who the founders are, their accomplishments and achievements, this "About Us" page shows readers who's behind BuildUpDevs and why.

The copy aims to make website visitors feel they've found a community to belong to, who welcomes them regardless of background, geographical location, or skillset.

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