Blog content for Devour Lisbon Food Tours

Who's the client

Devour Food Tours is a Spain-based small food tour company with cultural and food-related experiences in different cities in Europe.

What the client needed

Devour develops its food tours around local expertise and small local businesses. When expanding to Lisbon, they needed local writers to create a robust collection of blog posts around Lisbon's food and culture. The goal was to show the company's knowledge through SEO-based blog posts written by local experts.

How I worked on this project

  • I researched how the competition approached the same topics on their blog posts, looked for an original angle, and ways I could add my expertise and voice to create something unique but still on-brand.
  • Each blog post followed the client's editorial guidelines, voice and tone guide, and main target keywords.
  • To stay true to the brand's voice and to write authentic content, I experienced (or had experienced in the past) each local business personally.


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